5 feb. 2012

Love : The best summer ever with my baby

I just wanted to save here some pics about my summer with my baby.

I miss him so much that hurts.

But It was the best summer, we have a LDR and we're very strong even if I cried like a baby when he had to leave. We had a good time together, we got lots of pictures, but I just want to save and share here some of them.
And I just wanted to say that when someone says that books with fairytales are fake, they're wrong. Everyone can have one of those stories. Just believe.

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  1. jajja normal que hayas estado out si estabas con tu novio ;) espero que lo hayas pasado genial. Hacia mucho que no me llamaban Juls Conrrad ;) y si, estoy tratando de sonreir, me lo dicen a menudo jajaj un beso!

    1. Si, pero ahora me pondre al dia!. Me encantaron tus fotos ahora, estas mas sonriente y te sienta super bien :D

    2. garcias!!! :) ibas de floorrrr?? jaja que mona!

    3. Sii, es que le era mas facil supongo fui creciendo como una flor jajaja.

  2. Thanks for sharing the sweet moments of you and him with us! Wish you guys the best :)


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